A Pair of Wood Chairs

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Why do chairs always look better in pairs?  Some random wood chairs that if photographed alone you may not look twice, but pair them up and they create a style.  I like wood chairs, especially those that have some carving and upholstery can always be soft on the seat!

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distressed painted carved wood chairs

I love the curves on these wood chairs

distressed painted carved wood chairs

Great wood carvings on these chairs.  Check out the arms.

distressed painted carved wood chairs

Crazy right?

upholstered wood chairs

Nice wood and soft seats

burlap covered chairs

Burlap covered metal chairs

upholstered wood chairs

Nice vintage shabby chic wood chairs

upholstered wood chairs

Shabby chic wood parlor chairs.  Tea for two.

carved wood leaf chairs

Two Carved Wood Leaf Chairs available at HudsonGoods.com

carved wood leaf chairs

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Beats Pottery Barn, shop and compare.




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