American Flag Wall Painting

Celebrate Presidents Day with a cherry pie and this American flag wall painting. Perfect together and a great tradition. I like cherry pie. I also like the American flag. Historically, Presidents Day began with a celebration of our first president’s birthday, George Washington. It was later changed to include the just as memorable President Abraham Lincoln. So why celebrate Presidents Day with a delicious cherry pie.

American Flag Wall Painting

It all began back in the year 1800 when Mason Locke Weems wrote the first biography of George Washington. Unlike today’s biographies where scandals and other unseemly secrets are revealed, this author wanted to depict Washington’s virtues and to provide a moral compass for the youth of a young nation. One of the more memorable stories in his biography was the story, or tale, of who chopped down the cherry tree. One day when George was six years old, he was playing in the garden with his favorite hatchet. Yes, a hatchet because they didn’t have legos back then. He accidentally chopped down one of his father’s favorite young cherry trees. George didn’t tell anyone what he had done. Soon his father noticed the fallen tree and asked George directly if he knew what had happened. George hesitated but then admitted that he could not tell a lie and confessed his misfortune. His father’s reaction was unexpected. He was thrilled that George had told the truth and praised young George for his courage and honesty. Unfortunately, no one baked a cherry pie at the end of this story. Not sure how that tradition began but I’m sure glad it did. Can I have another piece of pie please.

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american flag wall painting
Celebrate the American Flag



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