Americana Burlap Ottomans

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Oh say can you see.

A star spangled ottoman. There’s nothing like the red, white and blue. Go patriotic and get an Americana burlap ottoman for your home. These ottomans come in all shapes and sizes and can fit in any space. But my favorite spot for an ottoman is right in front of my most comfortable chair. I even use a burlap ottoman in my bedroom to throw yesterday’s clothes on and to put my shoes on in the morning.

Made from natural fibers, this burlap is good for the environment. It’s green so it is biodegradable and can be recycled too. There are many ways to go green in the home and burlap is one of the best ways I can think of. So this burlap has green style and is full of industrial style as well. So think Americana, think burlap and go industrial. I don’t know why Christina Aguilera had such a hard time!

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Industrial burlap ottomans

In red, white and blue

Big ottomans

With cool burlap patterns

And round ones too

Go Americana

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