Antique and Vintage Radios

A vintage radio or iTunes.

I like my iTunes but these antique and vintage radios are hard to resist. With name brands like Zenith, Silvertone and Crosley, these vintage radios were built to last. A simple turn of the radio dial would get your song of choice which could be heard through the front speakers. To raise or lower the volume would require a turn of the only other dial on the radio. And all of the radio mechanics were housed in a decorative box that was made of various woods or industrial grade plastic. But times have changed. A lot.

The iPhone and other name brands along with iTunes have made it possible for us to carry our radios around in the palm of our hand. And with the tap of a finger we have thousands of songs to choose from for our listening pleasure. From Billboard’s Top 100 to vintage Rock and Roll, there are no boundaries with the songs to choose or limitations as to where we can bring them. Long gone are the days of turning a radio dial because with headphones you can crank the music up as loud as you like.

Next chapter, boomboxes.

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Music has come a long way

From these antique and vintage radios

How could we forget name brands

Like Zenith

And Silvertone

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