Antique French Toy Dog

There’s one in every family. Even the canine family.

That one child that always needs a little extra attention. Or doesn’t fit in with the other kids. Well it’s good to know that dogs have the same family issues. Marcel is an antique French toy dog that was once played with by my many boys and girls. But now he found an easier life hanging out on a reclaimed wood bookshelf. His brothers and sisters all like the shelf too and they all like getting their picture taken, except for Marcel. Remember that kid in the photograph holding the horns behind someone’s head. Well Marcel can’t give the horns but he can show his unique personality in other ways. Use these antique French toy dogs for display in your home to add character and vintage charm. But don’t be afraid to add a little personality like our friend Marcel.

Remember it can be a dog eat dog world out there. But don’t tell Marcel.

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Can you guess which one is Marcel

That’s right

In the middle

Antique French toy dogs

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