Antiqued Glass Iron Wall Mirror

What reflection do you see in the mirror. I’m happy to see vintage industrial pendants.

Forget looking in the mirror to comb your hair or to fix the collar on your shirt. When we hang a mirror on the wall we often forget to notice what is reflected in the mirror. Does your mirror reflect the bed that was left unmade or the toilet seat that was left up. Too many times we think only about the position of the mirror on the wall. Is it centered above the sofa or bed. Is the mirror too high or too low. But what do you see in the mirror when you walk into the room. Made with a solid iron frame and antiqued glass, this mirror is not made for grooming but it can still reflect a messy room down the hall or a cluttered sink in the kitchen. Hang this mirror over the sofa in the living room to reflect the crystal chandelier in the dining room. Or hang it in the foyer to reflect the brand new glass front door. Either way, this mirror will add depth, dimension and style to your space. So go ahead and hang a mirror on the wall but give some time to reflect on what it shows to your guests when they walk into the room.

I see vintage industrial pendants.

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What do you see

In your mirror

I like what I see

Vintage industrial pendants

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