Cool Retro Refrigerators

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Hasn’t stainless steel been overdone anyway? Check out these 1950’s retro style refrigerators.  I actually had to inspect the inside to see if they were vintage or new?  They are being reproduced by three manufacturers, Northstar, Smeg and Big Chill and they don’t come cheap!  To be this cool, you have to lay out about three grand and their interior space is not your typical side-by-side.  These retro refrigerators are more geared to NYC apartment dwellers where space is tight and take-out is easier than cooking.

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Retro kitchen refrigerators.  They look like the real thing.

Cool retro colors here.

Big Chill.  Pretty in pink.

Smeg refrigerator in baby blue

Northstar refrigerator in canary yellow

Big price, small space!

Retro refrigerators at Krup’s Kitchen and Bath in NYC

Vintage lemonade metal clock

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