Articulated Wood Hand

Can you lend me a hand or should I say an articulated wood hand. It’s always nice to lend a hand to a good friend. He or she might have a flat tire and needs a ride to work. Or he is away on vacation and the dog needs to be fed and walked. Or can you lend me a cup of sugar. That’s always an easy one. Although I don’t bake and rarely have any sugar. Eggs I can do. But when it comes to moving day I have to draw the line. Particularly if you happen to live in a fourth floor walk up. I’m sorry but I will be out of the country the day you move. Yes, it was sudden. Very unexpected. No, I didn’t tell anyone. Sorry, it’s for personal reasons. That is the only day I am unavailable. Sorry you can’t change your move day. I know it was a lot of planning. Yes I am flying out of the country and back all in the same day. I know it’s crazy. And it’s a country that is very far away. I could do it any other day but that day. No, don’t change your plans just for me. Please don’t change your plans. I can probably find some other friends that can help you move. In fact, I might be able to pay someone to help you move. It’s no bother at all. It’s what friends do for each other. We lend a hand, even if it’s not our own.

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articulated wood hand
Can you lend me a hand



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