Bell Shaped Wood Chandeliers

Knock on wood or knock on these bell shaped wood chandeliers. I will do both because I want the luck to continue with these beautiful chandeliers. Not sure luck has anything to do with it. It’s more like a skilled craftsman took the time to mill a wood chandelier in the shape of a bell. The result is not only a stunning chandelier but a work of art. We don’t expect hard wood to be so graceful but somehow this artisan makes it happen.

Bell Shaped Wood Chandeliers

Knock on wood is a common metaphor that was originally used to ward off suspected impending bad luck. Now it’s used as a tongue in cheek phrase for when someone has had a lot of good luck and they want that luck to continue. Or else bad luck may soon follow. Similarly, too much of a good thing can’t be true. It seems human nature has a tendency to be pessimistic rather than always expecting good things in life. Historically, the phrase originated with the British who say touch wood as a token of good fortune. Of course there is also knock on wood while touching your head. A little self deprecation won’t hurt anyone. One theory believes the phrase was derived from mythology. The association that wood from trees holds good spirits. Tap a tree to let the wood spirits inside know you are there. I’m not sure about that one. But I am sure that I like these bell shaped wood chandeliers. Knock on wood.

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bell shaped wood chandeliers
Knock on wood




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