Big Wave Wall Painting

Surf’s up with this big wave wall painting. Catch the wave. Ride the pipe. If you like surfing this is the painting for you. Painted on salvaged metal, this painting is as big and heavy as the real thing. It captures the big blue wave breaking on the shoreline. If you don’t live in California enjoy the beach and surf all year long with this painting.

Big Wave Wall Painting

Unlike big wave surfing hanging this painting on your wall offers little risk. There are no wipeouts. Unless you hammer your finger instead of the wall hook. However, a big breaking wave can push surfers down into the water 20 to 50 feet. They have to quickly regain their equilibrium and figure out which way is up. They need to reach the surface in 20 seconds before the next wave hits. Otherwise, they risk having to stay under water for two large waves. An even higher risk is surviving a triple threat of three big waves in a row. The danger is obvious. It’s also avoidable. Hang up the surfboard and hang this painting instead. You’ll be nice and dry in the comfort of your own home. Kowabunga!

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big wave wall painting
Surf’s up!



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