Black Shade Scissor Pendant

Edward Scissorhands would approve of this black shade scissor pendant. Not because it’s black. Not because it’s big. It’s because of the large scissor neck on this pendant. The difference. Edward has scissor hands and not a scissor neck. Close enough. The scissors on this pendant are not dangerous. In fact, they don’t even cut paper. Instead, they adjust this big pendant up and down in height to your liking. Unfortunately, that was not the case with Edward.

Black Shade Scissor Pendant

Edward Scissorhands is an American fantasy romance film directed by Tim Burton in 1990. Johnny Depp plays the artificial humanoid named Edward. An unfinished creation who has scissors instead of hands. A hard idea to grasp. No pun intended. Edward lives alone in a Gothic style castle until a suburban family takes him in. He then proceeds to fall hopelessly in love with their teenage daughter played by Winona Ryder, There’s a lot more to this story and it doesn’t have a typical happy ending. It’s dark. Some might say it’s as black as this pendant. It was a box office hit. One of Tim Burton’s more personal movies. It’s worth seeing.

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black shade scissor pendant
Edward Scissorhands would approve



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