Branch and Twig Chandeliers

It took one big bird to make these branch and twig chandeliers.

Made from real twigs and branches from Poland, these chandeliers could double as bird nests. Of course, we’re talking about some really large birds. Instead, some humans made these branch chandeliers painstakingly by hand. Each chandelier was woven to show the natural beauty of nature and to bring the outdoors inside. These chandeliers are unique but they are green too. No new trees were destroyed in the making of these chandeliers and they are good for the environment. Hang these chandeliers over the table in the kitchen or in the dining room and no one will be looking outside. Instead family and guests will want to enjoy dinner and these chandeliers too.

Worms not included.

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Bird nests

Or chandeliers

Made from real branches

And twigs

And the glass bottles are nice too.

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