Branch Chandelier

Birds nest or branch chandelier. I’m not sure but I don’t think a birds nest can light up a room like this branch chandelier.

We thought if a bird can do it then so could we. It doesn’t look that hard. Pick up some twigs and branches, not with our beaks but with our hands, and weave them to create an open dome nest. But in this case it would be upside down and a branch chandelier. The big difference would of course be that our branch chandelier would not hang in a tree. And there would be no eggs in this chandelier either. Instead, this branch chandelier would hang over your dining room table. Of course this chandelier would light up as well and would bring the outdoors inside. This chandelier is green, not in color, but recycled as no trees were destroyed in the making of this light. Each branch was picked off the ground by hand and carefully woven to create one big birds nest to hang in your home. It’s sustainable, biodegradable and good for the environment. It doesn’t get better than that. Although if you left the window open it would be cool if some birds found a new home. It could become a bit of a mess at times but certainly a dining room that friends and family would not soon forget. Hang one branch chandelier over your table or hang a row of chandeliers to add drama and style to your space. Just remember to keep those windows shut tight.

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branch chandelier
Birds nest
branch chandelier
Or branch chandelier
branch chandelier
Go green
branch chandelier
And light it up