Brass Telescope Pendant Lights

Observe the stars with these brass telescope pendant lights. Inspired by the optical tube component of a telescope, this pendant light could easily be mistaken for an actual telescope. The only problem is the telescopic mirror inside has been replaced with a light bulb. So you could hold this telescope up to the sky but you might not get what you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll get some cool industrial style for your space.

Brass Telescope Pendant Lights

The first known telescope was invented in the Netherlands back in the 17th century. Word of the new device spread quickly and Galileo built his own version which was used for observing celestial objects. Like the Big Dipper or one of my favorites, the three stars of Orion’s belt. Looking through a telescope can be fun. We can see things that the normal eye cannot detect. Looking up to the sky at night can seem ordinary. A vast space of darkness filled with small shiny objects. But closer examination through a telescope reveals a world of possibilities. The interconnection of stars that create our constellations and a galaxy of other planets that revolve around the sun. It’s a science all unto itself. But back down on earth we like to hang these brass pendants over the kitchen island or our favorite bar counter. They may not be galactic in size but they shine like an evening star.

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brass telescope pendant lights
Look to the stars with these brass telescope pendant lights



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