Burlap Shade Pendants

Potato sacks or burlap shade pendants. I think they could be both but I prefer to see a light bulb versus a potato hanging from my ceiling.

Burlap is a woven coarse piece of fabric that is made from the jute plant or sisal fibers. It’s often combined with other natural fibers to make rope, nets and in this case, burlap shade pendants. But historically, burlap has been used to make sacks and bags to ship goods such as coffee beans and natural grains. Burlap is a dense fabric but breathable, so it resists condensation and helps to prevent spoilage of its contents like beans and potatoes. It’s also biodegradable so it’s good for the environment. Not like the common plastic bag that will remain with us long after it’s purpose has been served. More recently, burlap has been modified to a refined state where it can be used to make handbags, rugs that are soft to our feet and even burlap shade pendants. These burlap shade pendants are made in two sizes to accommodate any space in your home. Hang a large pendant over the dining room table, a small pendant over the kitchen sink or hang three burlap shade pendants over the kitchen island. Any way you use these lights they will create visual interest in your home and help the environment at the same time. Now what should I do with all of these loose potatoes.

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burlap shade pendants
Potato sacks
burlap shade pendants
Or burlap shade pendants
burlap shade pendants
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