Cathedral Wood Wall Mirror

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Can you ever have enough mirrors on your wall?

Not in my book. Why is it that everyone hangs a mirror all by itself. We find a mirror that we like and somehow we are programmed to find that one spot to hang it on the wall. If you really want that wow factor, buy enough mirrors to fill up the wall. It will add architectural interest to what otherwise would be a flat one dimensional wall.

Made of solid oak wood with an untreated distressed finish, this mirror will certainly grab your attention. Small windowpane construction with an arched cathedral top makes this no ordinary mirror. Hang this mirror on any wall in your home or hang enough mirrors to fill up the entire wall.

Either way you choose, this mirror will reflect your personal style!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Why hang only one mirror

When your wall can look like this

Made from solid oak wood

With arched cathedral construction

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