Vintage Metal Wire and Wood Chairs

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Chairs Gone Wild?  No, these vintage metal chairs were not out on the curb!  They were in the showroom at ABC Carpet & Home in NYC.  Going with natural elements in the home is big and metal chairs can be found almost everywhere in all forms, wire, bronze, rust, you name it.

Here are a few samples, some remind me of the chairs we would sit on in high school assembly.  If I only knew then what someone would be willing to pay for them today.  But here’s the trick, one is a vintage imposter and you will be shocked at it’s retail price.  Can you tell the difference?

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Chairs Gone Wild

Metal Wire chairs, priced at $345 each

All metal chairs, priced at $450 each

Wood slat chairs, priced at $195 each

Priced at $195 each

Folding wood chair, priced at $185 each

The imposter priced at $16.99 each, sixteen dollars and ninety nine cents at Home Goods

carved wood leaf chairs

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