Classic Woodie Station Wagon

Surf’s up for this classic Woodie station wagon. It might be missing a door but that’s not stopping us from loading the surfboards. Once fully restored, this classic Woodie will be ready to hit the ground running. Or should I say hit the surf running. It can easily handle the heavy load of three over sized surfboards on top and more inside. As for the passengers, they will be happy to catch a ride on this Woodie any way they can. Even if it means hanging onto the tailgate.

Classic Woodie Station Wagon

The station wagon has probably evolved more than any other automobile style. Once considered the staple for every growing family it certainly has changed a lot over the years. The main attraction was that it could easily fit the entire family. And on occasion a few more. Aunt, uncle or grandma could get on board and everyone could travel in one vehicle. This classic Woodie was one of the first wagons made back in 1941. Yes it could hold surfboards but the doors and side panels were made with real natural wood. Not very aerodynamic and the wood added weight to the already heavy load. But gas prices were a lot cheaper back then. Wood side panels were soon replaced with more efficient materials like metal and plastic. We all remember Dad’s Buick. Not sure if it was a boat or a car. And you didn’t want to bring it to the Senior Prom. The wagon was later replaced with the Minivan, some hybrid wagons and eventually the Sports Utility Vehicle. We’ve come a long way baby. But there’s still an attraction to that classic wagon with the real hard wood. Got wood?

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Classic Woodie Station Wagon
Surf’s Up!



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