Clear Reflecting Glass Pendants

Crystal balls or just clear reflecting glass pendants. I wish they were crystal balls. I would like to have my fortune told. On second thought only if it is good news. No need to hear the bad. That will happen anyway. The good news would give me something to look forward to. We could all use a little good news. In the meantime, I will stare into these cool clear glass pendants. They reflect the light in a unique way. If they weren’t hanging from the ceiling they could pass for crystal balls. We will leave them right where they are for now.

Clear Reflecting Glass Pendants

Crystal balls are not mythical. They are real. They have been used for centuries by fortune tellers to predict the future. People have gladly exchanged money to know what their future holds. In fact, the world’s largest crystal ball is held at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. It is made of quartz crystal and weighs 50 pounds. Originally from Burma the sphere was made for the Empress Cixi during the Qing dynasty in the 19th century. It’s been around for some time. Not like these pendants hanging from the ceiling. They are new and unfortunately, cannot tell the future.

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clear reflecting glass pendants
Crystal Ball Pendants



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