Old Barns and Vintage Lighting

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A clothing barn?  I am hooked on vintage decor for the home but I also like my clothes.  What better combination could there be than buying my favorite threads inside an old barn!  Yes, that’s right, see if you can guess which well known designer sells his high end clothing line from an old barn!

Inside I looked at everything except the clothes.  Industrial lighting, antique wire baskets, vintage stools, old wood beams and yes the American flag.  It was all great and I didn’t buy a thing!

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How cool is the ivy on this barn?

And it didn’t just grow overnight!

This should be Pottery Barn

Big industrial lighting.

Vintage toolbox

Great wire basket

Forget the bag, I’ll take the lamp

No, it’s not the garage

I don’t think I could wear that jacket.

Cool mechanics on this vintage light

Can you see the ivy growing through the roof?

Vintage industrial fan cooling the barn off

Paint on the screens!!! Ralph Lauren and Company


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Vintage Barn Star

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