Communal Dining Table

It’s easy to understand why they call it a communal dining table.

A commune doesn’t always have the best connotation but it’s a French word dating back to the 12th century meaning a large gathering of people sharing a common life. It sounds like a good idea but I guess it all depends on what life they are sharing. by definition, I think a communal dining table is a good thing. Dining tables have a way of grounding us in our busy daily lives. Most of us can remember some story from our childhood while we ate at the table or an elaborate meal we had celebrating a holiday or special occasion. And there is always that story about a crazy Aunt, Uncle or cousin. Over the years, we have all spent more than our fair share eating a family dinner at the dining table. And a communal dining table makes the festivities all the easier. A dining table is not just about what’s for dinner. It’s more about the conversation. It brings people together to break bread and hash out their thoughts, opinions and ideas. There’s an art to conversation but there’s also an art to being together. And what better way to do it than with a communal dining table. Oh if this table could talk.

Bon appetit.

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communal dining table
The art of conversation
communal dining table
And being together
communal dining table
Begins with
communal dining table
A communal dining table