Antique Desks and Bombay Makeup Vanity

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It’s now computer workstations.  Do they still make desks or have they been permanently moved to the category of antiques?  The traditional writing desk where we used to do our homework and study has now been replaced with the computer workstation, makeup vanity or the good old bed!  As long as there is room for the laptop to surf the net… that’s short for the internet… yes I’m cool.

Nowadays, the desk is a great find at your favorite flea market or antique center.  Since when have they become so uncommon?

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Recognize this?  It’s called a desk

Vintage Makeup Vanity, $5,500

Mirrored vanity, a place to reflect 🙂

Antique desk, $4,500.  Love the two little drawers on top.

That’s called a “book” on top of the antique desk

Girl’s bedroom desk, pretty in pink

This is my favorite antique desk

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bombay makeup vanity wood desk

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