Cow Head Wall Bust

Which came first the cow or the cow head wall bust. You probably thought I was going to ask the chicken or the egg. The answer to that question is a lot harder to answer. But in this case the answer is easy. The cow came first. If only all of our problems were that easy to solve. The cow is the correct answer but I think this bust of a cow head is a winner. Made with solid metal and a bright silver leaf finish, this cow head is unique and a standout in any herd. You can hang this bust on the wall but it’s really made for down on the farm or true cow enthusiasts.

Cow Head Wall Bust

I think I would like a cow’s life. She looks peaceful just hanging on the wall and looking out over her territory. Keeping an eye on what everyone is doing at home. No chores, no work, just hanging out and waiting to be admired. And when the day is done, it’s time to sleep. But somehow I think this cow will get very little sleep. Real Cows sleep only about four hours a day. Not sure I would like that. But cows can sleep lightly standing up but their best deep sleep is lying down. Most people think that cows can be tipped over by pushing on them. But I’m here to prove that urban legend wrong. It may sound funny but it’s not true. Cows just don’t need a lot of sleep and we usually see them standing up all the time. So if you like cows, hang this big bust on your wall. Move over Elsie, there’s a new cow on the block.

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cow head wall bust
Move over Elsie, there’s a new cow on the block



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