Crazy Upholstered Sofas

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These sofas are not vintage, they’re not recycled and they certainly haven’t been repurposed.  They are just fun to look at.  So to change things up a bit, check out these crazy upholstered sofas.  The colors and the shapes are really out there but I am sure that in the right apartment they could look pretty cool.  So enjoy the sofas because to buy one, it may set you back a ways.

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Crazy shape on this upholstered sofa

Do you think you could find this sofa at Pottery Barn?

Cool embroidery on this sofa

Not your grandmother’s quilt!

Bench sofas too

Ouch, that price hurts

What! unfortunately, upholstery doesn’t last forever.  Great vintage sofa.

carved wood leaf chairs

It might not be upholstered but these wood chairs will last a long time!

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