Antique Glove Molds and Retro Dinnerware

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Creepy or cool?  These porcelain hands greet you at the door of Fishs Eddy in New York City.  Inspired from antique glove molds, they can be used as funky works of art or just to hold your jewelry at the kitchen sink.  Either way, these glove molds are crazy and the originals are making a big comeback in antique stores and designer showrooms.

Filled with dinnerware, flatware and everything in between, this store is strictly vintage inspired.  Make sure you grab a shopping cart on the way in because there are buckets of dinnerware and stuff to choose from.  Check out the vintage glove molds and reproductions below, from fiestaware to retro polka dots, Fishs Eddy has it all.

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Hey there! Vintage Glove Molds

Vintage glove molds greet you at the door

Porcelain glove molds

Loads of flatware, can’t beat this sale

Forks, spoon and knives, take your pick

More flatware, I like the barrels

Get a shopping cart!

Great colors in this Fiestaware

Fiestaware plates

Love the fiesta cups

Retro polka dot plates?

Cool display of polka dot cups

Fishs Eddy dinnerware

Vintage Tin Signs

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We’re not Pottery Barn, shop and compare




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