Decorative Burlap Sheep

George Orwell’s Animal Farm or just decorative burlap sheep. I think Mr. Orwell gave sheep a bad name. In the infamous novel Animal Farm, sheep are used to represent the ignorant and uneducated masses of revolutionary Russia. He portrays sheep as unable to learn the subtleties of the revolutionary ideology. And therefore, sheep can only be taught repetitive slogans like ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ which they chant in unison at rallies. Not how I would want to be represented but i think sheep are smarter than that.

Decorative Burlap Sheep

Sheep are ‘herding’ animals. It’s their instinct to stay together as their best means of protection against predators. After all, their strength is not in speed or agility thus making them an easy target for the swift wolf. Sheep will stay together in a group when grazing. A single sheep will become agitated if it is somehow separated from the group. It’s the banding together that protects them from predators because they will only go after the outliers in the herd. The weaker sheep generally stay towards the center of the herd while the stronger members protect the perimeter. Not so dumb at all. But here’s where it gets tricky. Sheep have such a strong instinct to follow the leader that when one sheep decides to go somewhere the rest of the herd tend to follow. Even if it’s not such a wise decision. It’s been said that if the lead sheep jumps off a cliff the rest will likely follow. Well, I won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes. Maybe sheep are just a little smart. Baah!

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decorative burlap sheep
George Orwell’s Animal Farm or just decorative burlap sheep



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