Reclaimed Wood Table and Industrial Stools

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We recycle, we reclaim, we repurpose and sometimes we even reinvent. But now we demolish. Demolition wood is the latest trend in going green with home furnishings.

This wood has been salvaged from a demolition and reinvented into a really cool dining table for your home. So how can you detect a demolition table? It’s all in the surface. Demolition wood still has the markings from it’s prior life. It could be an old door with bolt marks or an old roof with nail holes. But it gets cleaned up and ready to serve meals on in your home. I really like this wood dining table even with it’s battle scars. So get ready, set and demolish!

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Reclaimed demolition wood table and industrial stools

With a demolition wood bench

Demolition wood top

With the battle scars to prove it

Who would have thought?

Mix things up with some industrial iron and wood stools

No demolition wood here

Except the price, ouch!

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