Ralph Lauren Furniture

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Denim shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots.  That is the look of fashion icon Ralph Lauren.  No need to post an image, I think everyone gets it. So why is it that this relaxed, rugged style in Ralph Lauren clothing did not make its way into the RL furniture collection?  Where are the vintage leathers, denims and other fabrics that made Ralph Lauren a household word?

Not what I would have expected from RL with such passion for authenticity.  I was looking for furniture that was more vintage, relaxed and comfortable to live in, like the photo at the end of this post!

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The Ralph Lauren label on vintage denim

No distressed leather here

How about some denim?

Where is the distressed wood?

Velour? I was thinking Ralph Lauren denim

Ralph Lauren plaid, getting a little closer

I like my leather a little more distressed

Wood dresser.  Fancy stuff here

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Buddy is also available, for long walks and runs in the park




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