Distressed Wood Oak Dining Table

Are you over 21 and still sitting at the kid’s dining table. Maybe it’s time to get a bigger table.

No worries this Thanksgiving with this over sized wood oak dining table. At 8 feet long, this wood dining table can fit the grown ups and all of the kids too. You might have to squeeze in a little next to Aunt Betty but it’s better than sitting at the kid’s table. Made from solid oak with a natural distressed finish, this dining table is made for those who love the natural beauty of wood. A solid wood top is bolted to solid wood legs making this an industrial strength table. It can certainly hold more than a few cooked turkeys.

So forget the crowd control this holiday season because everyone is sitting at the big table.

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It’s Thanksgiving

Time to put the kid’s table away

And go big

With an industrial size

Oak wood dining table

Click HERE to view Distressed Oak Dining Table at HudsonGoods.com.