Apothecary Cabinets

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Drawers gone mad!  Apothecary cabinets have been around for centuries and there are many reproductions out there.  But here are the originals!  Chinese doctors used these cabinets as early as the 1800’s to store their medicinal roots and herbs.  Each of the many drawers was then labeled accordingly.

Times have since changed and we now have our pill popping containers with lids that even an adult can’t sometimes open!  Enjoy the photos.

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Antique apothecary cabinets. How’s this for some color!

Enough drawers for you?

Apothecary drawers.  Don’t ask me what these say!

I thought I would take a peek inside this cabinet

I think I found something

Great distressing on this Apothecary Cabinet

This is my favorite Apothecary Cabinet

Check out how deep these drawers are

I know… ouch!

bombay painted white wood nightstand

How about two drawers!

bombay painted white wood nightstand

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