Edison Filament Light Bulbs

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Thomas Edison would be proud.

Proud that with all of the new energy saving bulbs and gadgets that are out there today, we can still appreciate the beauty and charm of the original Edison light bulb. Made with carbon filaments that provide a warm glow rather than a harsh glare, Edison bulbs can add real vintage style to a room.

Not recommended for reading books with very fine print, Edison bulbs are best to dine by or spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately I find myself staring at the glow of circular filaments encased in glass instead of listening to those around me. Antique filament bulbs can be mesmerizing but if strategically placed they can create an old warm ambiance to any room. So next time you go to purchase that three way 100 watt fluorescent bulb, think what Thomas Edison would say. I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!

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Vintage chair and Edison light bulb

Cool filament

Vintage wood

Thanks Thomas Edison

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