Elephant Oil Painting

There’s an elephant in the room and we’re going to talk about it. It’s this elephant oil painting on metal canvas. There’s an elephant in the room is a popular phrase for an obvious truth that’s not being talked about . It’s used when there is a blatant problem or risk that no one wants to discuss. The phrase is based on the idea that an elephant in the room would be impossible to ignore or overlook. And just like the beauty of this majestic elephant oil painting, it’s hard to ignore.

Elephant Oil Painting

It’s believed that the phrase there’s an elephant in the room was first used back in 1959. The New York Times published an article about funding public schools. The article went on to say that financing schools has become a problem equal to having an elephant in the living room. It’s so big that you just can’t ignore it. This idiom is used generally when the subject matter is emotionally charged. People deliberately ignore the subject because they feel it would cause embarrassment or an argument with others. But no argument here. I think everyone would agree that this is a beautiful painting of what is fast becoming one of our endangered species. It’s difficult to count the number of elephants in Africa but in 1979 their population was estimated at 1.3 million. By 1989, the African elephant population had declined to about 600 thousand. Today, the population is estimated at only 400 thousand. Various legal protections have been put in place for the elephant but 70 percent of their range exists outside of protected areas. Let’s not make this oil painting a memory of the past. Do what you can to protect this precious species. Talk about it.

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elephant oil painting
There’s an elephant in the room and we’re going to talk about it.



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