Kitchen Islands and Decorative Tile

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D Plane! D Plane! Who wouldn’t fantasize about a kitchen island like this?  It’s 8 x 10 feet, made of solid mahogany with a 3 inch slab of marble.  This kitchen island is the size of a bedroom!

And where would a kitchen be without that all important space between it and the dining room, the Butler’s Pantry.  Oh if I only had a Butler, then I could always say, the Butler did it, or Go Ask Jeeves!

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We could play musical chairs around this kitchen island

Great decorative kitchen tile with an eight burner stove.  Sorry I don’t cook.

I hope the floor joists are strong enough to hold this island

and the back doorway leads to…

The Butler’s Pantry. I would have straightened that picture but the ceilings are 12 feet high!

Entry way to the dining room.

I don’t bake either but I do drink wine

Decorative kitchen tiles that are good enough to eat

Cool vintage wall sconce

vintage wire baskets at Hudson Goods

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