French Dinard Wall Art

If you can’t get to the beautiful beaches of France then this French Dinard wall art is the next best thing. The warm water of the Caribbean is not the only place to enjoy the beach and sun. France has beautiful beaches too and it’s all captured in this vintage painting of Dinard. A small town in the northwest corner of France. The bathing suits might be out of style but the beach and surf never changes. Dinard is located on the Gulf Stream which means it enjoys a warm climate through most of the year. There are even some palm trees and tropical plants that surround the coastline.

French Dinard Wall Art

There is not much nightlife in Dinard but who needs it with a coastline like this. Filled with beautiful beaches and consistently sunny weather for months. The attraction to Dinard includes five star hotels along with a casino, plenty of bars and many fine restaurants. That might be why it also attracted five star celebrities like Joan Collins, Winston Churchill and even Alfred Hitchcock. In fact, the house used in the film Psycho was inspired by a villa that Hitchcock stayed at in Dinard. Let’s not forget Picasso himself who painted here in the 1920’s. There’s a lot of history for such a small town. That’s what makes Dinard so special. Forget that Caribbean cruise and stay on land at one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Thank you Dinard.

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french dinard wall art
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