Bombay White Bedroom Set

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From my hand to your door.  So how does someone design a piece of bedroom furniture?  Thought I would share my story on how a simple sketch on paper transforms into a vintage white bedroom set for your home!

It all starts with an idea that is sketched by hand on a piece of paper. This was my vision for the Bombay Collection, an antique white finish bedroom set available at Hope you enjoy it!

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Sketches go through several revisions to refine the look and get it exactly right

Sketch of the bombay Nightstand

Adding color and a few more touches makes the vision complete for the Bombay Headboard

The Bombay Dresser

Next step is architectural drawings with exact proportions and dimensions. Remember the metric system in grade school and thinking, when will I ever use this in life?  Guess what, it’s all in centimeters!

Color samples for the paint and level of distressing are selected for just the right vintage look

Antique white paint finish

The Bombay Headboard

The furniture is made in the factory, boxed and packed for shipping across the high seas.

My friend Barry needed dresser knobs so they took a photo!

It arrives and the Bombay bedroom set is opened.

The pieces are inspected for quality assurance. Bombay headboard

Two drawer Bombay dresser

Two drawer Bombay nightstand

The Bombay Bedroom Set, and Buddy, are then photographed for

Click here to view the Bombay Nightstand, $349

Click here to view the Bombay Dresser, $599

Click here to view the Bombay Headboard, $599

Click here to view the Distressed Wood Lamp, $239

Click here to view Buddy, PRICELESS!

It beats Pottery Barn prices!




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