Galvanized Coolers and Coffee Table

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The weather is warm and I’m thinking barbeque, hotdogs and coolers. The bright colors of these vintage metal coolers caught my eye and I couldn’t help but open them.

The inside of these coolers is galvanized metal and they look as good as the day they held their first cool drink. Galvanized metal is steel that has been treated with a thin coat of zinc oxide. And the zinc acts as a barrier to protect the steel from the natural elements that would lead to corrosion and eventually rust. Now enough of chemistry class, I never did well in that anyway. Galvanized metal can make a great surface for your home furnishings. It’s not only tough and durable but it has a great silver finish. By the way, I think the Professor did it in the library!

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vintage galvanized metal cooler

Vintage galvanized metal cooler

vintage galvanized metal cooler

I like this blue metal

vintage galvanized metal cooler

Galvanized metal on the inside

vintage galvanized metal cooler

Red metal can be fun too

vintage galvanized metal cooler

What would summer be without ice cream?


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