Glass Crystal Chandelier

Add some bling with this glass crystal chandelier.

Even our rooms can use some bling now and then so that’s why we chose this glass crystal chandelier. Women like to add bling to their clothes with glass crystal buttons on blouses, jackets and even purses. Not to mention the all important big cut crystal on their ring finger. And men like their bling too. But they do it with their cars, man caves and fashion accessories. It may not be a glass crystal chandelier but 20 inch chrome wheels can bring the same amount of bling and satisfaction. Although I’m not sure how they would look hanging from the ceiling. Maybe in the man cave it could work. Made from hand cut glass crystals, this chandelier may not go in the man cave but it will add bling and a bit of formality to your space. In fact, a crystal chandelier doesn’t always have to hang over the formal dining room table. Enter the living room or den and hang a crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling in front of that comfortable leather sectional. It not only will add contrast and visual interest but a chandelier with this many cut glass crystals will reflect an abundance of light in your room. You’ll never need a reading lamp again. Maybe that’s what the dark man cave needs. So next time you shop for lighting, go for a little bling with a glass crystal chandelier.

It’s a lot cheaper than putting a ring on it.  No thanks Beyonce.


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hand cut glass crystal chandelier
Add some bling
hand cut glass crystal chandelier
To your room
hand cut glass crystal chandelier
With this glass crystal chandelier