Glass Dome Pendants

Inspired by the French word cloche these glass dome pendants take on a whole new meaning. They weren’t made to be worn on your head, to cover plants or to keep food warm. Instead, they were designed to hang over your dining room table. Made with a dome shaped iron frame and windowpane glass, this pendant will add vintage industrial style to your space.

Glass Dome Pendants

The French word cloche has several different meanings but they all shed light on the inspiration for these glass dome pendants. Cloche is French for the English word ‘bell’ and applies to a transparent cover used outdoors that protects plants against cold and inclement weather. It also applies to a woman’s close fitting hat that has a deep rounded crown and a narrow brim. And there’s a third definition for cloche that refers to a cover placed over food for cooking or to keep it warm prior to serving. Put simply, all meanings refer to a bell or dome shaped structure that functions to protect the object beneath. And this glass dome pendant is protecting a light bulb so that it can provide plenty of light to the table below and the space in your room. Hang this pendant over the counter or island in the kitchen or hang it over the table in the formal dining room. Either way this pendant will serve and protect but more important it will add vintage style to your room.

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Glass Dome Pendant