Glass Sphere Pendant Lights

Glass sphere pendant lights, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this picture speaks for itself but I just have to say more about these glass sphere pendants lights.

It can be argued that if the food is good they will come, regardless of the ambiance and decor. And I would be one to argue not. A family member recently recommended a quaint little restaurant for dinner. It was advised not to expect much from the space itself but it had great water views and the food was excellent. Little did I know that I would be sitting on a pier over the water with the blazing hot sun beating down on my me. The napkins were a roll of brown paper towels, the eating utensils were plastic knives and forks, the seating was a sticky picnic table with benches and I was given a number to get my own food. Now I could deal with most of that but when the one man band starting singing Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care, I started to care. I wanted a comfortable cushioned seat in cool air conditioning during the dog days of summer. I wanted to sit beneath some hip glass sphere pendant lights while I watched the bartender make house cocktails for eager patrons. And most of all I wanted someone to bring me my food. Did I mention that I wanted some glass sphere pendant lights floating over my head to make me feel like I was anywhere but home. By the time I did pay and get my own food I was too hot and uncomfortable to really know if it was good or not. And I just wanted him to stop singing that song. So it’s your choice. Sitting on the dock of the bay or sitting indoors under some cool glass sphere pendant lights.

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glass sphere pendant lights
A picture is worth a thousand words