Glass Sphere Pendant Lights

We could make our own glass sphere pendant lights but I think it would be easier to just buy these that are already made. And if we want to know how glass sphere pendant lights are made we would have to go back to school and start with Chemistry 101.

Glass blowing is a technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe. The person who blows the glass is called a glassblower or glassmith. The transformation of raw material into glass takes place at about 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. I won’t ask you to convert that to Celsius but it would be about 1320 degrees Celcius. If you’re still with me we will get to the glass sphere pendant lights. At this temperature the glass emits enough heat to appear almost white and is left to settle to allow the bubbles to rise and escape. Once the glass begins to cool down to 2000 degrees it turns a bright orange and when it drops to 1600 degrees the glassblower can use the blowpipe to inflate air into the molten glass. At this point he can shape the glass to as large or round as he wants. These glass sphere pendant lights were blown in four different sizes and were left to settle with a flat bottom. That’s our crash course in glass blowing so now back to these pendants. Hang these pendant lights over the dining room table, the kitchen island or stagger a group of them in the grand foyer. Any way you use these lights, family and friends will want to know where you learned to blow such beautiful glass pendants. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

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glass sphere pendant lights
You can blow your own glass sphere pendant lights
glass sphere pendant lights
Or you can buy these
glass sphere pendant lights
I won’t tell