Graffiti Wall Artwork

Go ahead and be bad, very bad.

Artwork is subjective. What appeals to one person may not be liked by another. That’s why we like this bad girl graffiti artwork. Not everyone would agree that graffiti is art but you be the judge. Hand painted on reclaimed metal salvaged from old barn roofs, this painting brings graffiti from the city streets into your home. Graffiti would normally be found on an exterior wall in a public place and the artwork is usually drawn with chalk or in more recent times sprayed onto the wall with paint. As such, graffiti is often painted without the owner’s consent and in many areas considered vandalism which is a punishable crime. So graffiti has been surrounded by controversy between the artists who paint it and the law enforcement whose duty is to serve and protect citizens and their property. But no worries because you can hang this bad girl graffiti in the comfort of your home without the law knocking on your door.

So depending on how bad you want to be, make your own graffiti artwork with this this very bad girl.

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Go ahead

And be bad

Very bad

With bad girl graffiti

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