Grey Metal Pendant Light

Go grey with this painted grey metal pendant light. Not to be confused with going grey on your head. Unlike your hair, this metal pendant will never lose it’s melanin pigment. If only we could say that about  the  our heads. Accepting the natural process of going grey isn’t easy for many of us. It’s a sure sign that we are getting older. I say better with age. But accepting the natural grey finish on this pendant light can be a lot easier. It will never lose it’s color and will stay forever young. 

Grey Metal Pendant Light

Grey is considered an intermediate color that is between the colors black and white. It is a neutral color, or achromatic, meaning it is a color without color because it’s composed of black and white. For that reason, grey goes with almost any color palette. This makes the color grey a favorite choice among interior designers. An all grey room with one other pop of color is always a winner. Grey accents can also add character to a room without drawing too much attention. We chose the color grey for this pendant for these exact reasons. No more worries about the color or finish on a metal pendant. Will it match the metal hardware in the room or on my cabinets. Instead, hang this metal pendant anywhere in the home and it will fit right in. Hang this light over the bar or hang several over the kitchen island. It’s time to accept going grey.

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grey metal pendant light
It’s time to go grey



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