Grey Metal Shade Pendants

Fifty shades of grey or just grey metal shade pendants. I choose the grey metal pendants. Not because I have something against fifty shades of grey. But because there is no grey area when it comes to these cool looking shades. It’s black or white. You either like them or your don’t. And I really like them. Unfortunately, it’s not always like that in our everyday lives. It would be great if there was always a right or wrong, a black or white. But we’ve all learned, and often the hard way, that life has many grey areas in between.

Grey Metal Shade Pendants

Shades of grey usually refers to a situation that is not clear. It’s not clearly defined by societal rules or standards. It falls somewhere in the middle of wrong and right, but not dead center. An area of shade is on a sliding scale that can lean toward either end of right or wrong depending on the situation. Again, I must remind you that this does not apply to these metal shades. You either love them or hate them. As it is with most design choices. We either hate the shirt or we love it. And we wear it over and over again. Now for the number of shades. Oddly, the human eye can only detect 32 shades of grey. Adding even more mystique to the fifty shades of grey. But I don’t really care. As long as these metal shades remain grey I will choose them every time. Special thanks to Christian Grey.

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grey metal shade pendants
Fifty shades of grey pendants



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