Hand Carved Wood Mirror and Vintage Plates

Hand carved wood mirrors look great on a wall but so do vintage plates.

There’s nothing like an oversized wood mirror to fill up a large blank space on the wall. Hang two hand carved mirrors and it will instantly increase the size of your room. But hang a collection of vintage dinner plates and it will transform your plain wall into a unique work of art. Who says that dinner plates have to sit on the table and be used solely for the consumption of food. Reinvent your favorite vintage collection into the unexpected. Vintage dinner plates would normally be stacked on one another and sit quietly in a breakfront or console behind closed glass doors. Their decorative appeal would go unnoticed and they would probably end up on a folding table at someone’s garage sale. Hang these vintage plates around two large wood mirrors and this wall becomes anything but quiet. So take out your favorite vintage find and display it proudly on the wall. Just be sure to save enough plates for the family’s dinner.

At least there will be less dishes to wash.

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Hand carved wood mirrors

And vintage plates

Perfect together

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