Vintage Suzani Tapestry

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Here comes the Bride!  Never know what to get the bride for a shower or wedding gift?  Finally the answer to that age old question, Vintage Suzani Tapestry!  Made in Central Asia, it was tradition to give Suzani fabric as a bridal gift as a wish for unending happiness and a celebration of life and all it’s possibilities.  Sounds like a plan to me, unfortunately life and marriage don’t always work out that way!

Now you can purchase furniture that is upholstered in vintage Suzani tapestry and maybe if you sit on it long enough it will bring you unending happiness.  It’s worth a try.  But happiness doesn’t come cheap, it will cost you five figures if you want to buy that kind of happiness!

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I hope you’re sitting down, $10,695 for this vintage Suzani!

Chaise lounge upholstered in Suzani tapestry

Beautiful Suzani embroidery but at that price no one is sitting on my Suzani

I thought this was the price of the chaise lounge and realized it was just the pillow!

More Suzani tapestry, reminds me of the Jetsons

Great Suzani Tapestry here

Colorful Suzani

Suzani closeup

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