Vintage Lighting and Chandeliers

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High Wattage!  I know it may look like a train wreck but it’s vintage lighting right?  Once you take a look at these vintage light fixtures, and their price tags, you may find yourself ripping down your own and running to the nearest thrift shop!  I find the hardest thing about purchasing a chandelier is trying to hang it.  Inevitably, I give up and call in the experts.  Whatever happened to lamp shades for those glaring bulbs?  I don’t know about you but dim lighting is my friend.

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It’s vintage lighting right?

I would prefer to hang all my lights this way! Great vintage crystal chandelier

Those antique bulbs are cool

Is it the wiring or the bulb? Vintage chandelier

UFO sighting?  No just vintage lighting

Yep, that’s the price tag!

Click here to view Solid Wood Distressed Lamp, $239 at

Click here to view Solid Wood Distressed Lamp, $239 at

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