Highback Linen Upholstered Sofa

I go to the gym when I’m not sitting on this highback linen upholstered sofa. But I still don’t look as good as this paper mache mannequin. Maybe I should cut strips of newspaper and glue them to myself. It would definitely be easier than hitting the gym every day and lifting heavy weights. I wouldn’t have to drink protein shakes and cook healthy meals every day. And I wouldn’t have to spend time shopping for just the right workout apparel. Instead I could spend more time on my highback linen upholstered sofa. I could watch TV on the sofa, read a book and even eat chips and popcorn on the sofa. If only life were that easy where some paper and glue could solve all our problems.

Highback Linen Upholstered Sofa

It’s not Christmas yet but I already feel the pressure of making a New Year’s resolution. The dry cleaner, the grocery checkout, even the gas station attendant have all asked what my resolutions will be. It seems that you can’t even have just one resolution these days. There has to be a multitude of sins that we’re supposed to abandon to lead a better life. But I guess the New Year is a fresh start to recognize and confess our shortcomings and give it the old college try to do better. As for me I want to enjoy the holidays first. Do what I want, eat what I want and have a good time before the New Year approaches and spoils all my fun. So for now, I am going to sit on this highback linen upholstered sofa and look like a mannequin.

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highback linen upholstered sofa
I go to the gym when I’m not sitting on this sofa



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