Horse Art Wall Painting

A horse art wall painting or beautiful manes of hair. I think both. If only humans could have long lasting manes of hair like this horse. I can’t say I have ever seen a bald horse. Humans on the other hand is quite a different story. Fortunately, I still have my mane of hair.

Horse Art Wall Painting

Just like people, horses like to have their hair braided. It accentuates the top line of the horse when moving or jumping. Braiding the hair can also hide flaws in the horse’s neck. I wonder if that holds true for humans. Traditionally, a horse’s mane is braided on the right side of the neck. It is the standard for show hunters in the United States. It was also tradition for male horses to have an odd number of braids and mares with an even number. I have no idea why that is.

The most common style of braid is the button braid. They are round and usually larger than flat braids with about nine to fifteen plaits. There are other less popular braids for horses. Hunter braids are smaller with about 20-30 per neck. Knob braids are similar to the hunter style but pushed up to create a knob at the top. Then there are French braids, Continental braids and Scalloped braids. Who knew there were so many ways a horse could style his or her mane of hair. Now I know why these two handsome horses let their beautiful manes flow free. It’s a lot easier and looks great in a portrait painting.

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horse art wall painting
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