House of Cards

It crumbled like a house of cards. We’ve all heard it before and we’ve all built a house or two from cards. So what was the origin of this source. Experts don’t know. All they know is that it originated some time in the 18th century when playing cards were first introduced. This is what I do know. These orbits made from playing cards are very cool. You can look but don’t touch.

House of Cards

A house of cards is used to refer to a structure that is unstable or fragile. It could easily fall down or is in imminent danger of falling down. The phrase could be applied to a physical structure like a building or an abstract one like an organization. A house of cards is built by carefully stacking a deck of cards in triangles layer by layer to build a structure similar to a house. One careless move, a sudden breeze or vibration can cause the entire house to collapse. My personal opinion is that a house of cards can apply to people as well. I know that when I’m having a bad day I feel like falling down. And it wouldn’t take much. We’ve all been there. Too many negative things happen in our lives at the same time and we just can’t take it. We chalk it up to just having one of those days. We feel like crying spontaneously or screaming at the first person we see. It doesn’t take much because everything is going wrong. Just glad there are only 24 hours in a day. Now let’s play some cards.

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house of cards
House of Cards



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