Ibiza Empire Chandelier

No man is an island but this Ibiza empire chandelier can stand all on it’s own. It has been said that man does not thrive when isolated from others but this Ibiza empire chandelier looks good by itself or hanging with other like minded chandeliers.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of eastern Spain. Although considered a small island, Ibiza is five times the size of Mykonos and ten times the size of the island Manhattan. So we might want to take this island, or the appropriately named Ibiza empire chandelier, seriously. Ibiza has become famous for it’s electronic music and related nightlife with dance clubs. In fact, Jennifer Lopez wrote a song about Ibiza called On The Floor. These chandeliers are anywhere but on the floor. More importantly, these empire chandeliers have become well known for their design style and tasteful lighting. Made with an iron frame with a powder coat finish to resist rusting, this chandelier might look delicate but it’s built industrial strong. And draped in white linen fabric that is treated with fire retardant adds just the right amount of elegance to a chandelier that is suitable for both residential or commercial spaces. Hang a single Ibiza empire chandelier over the dining room table, hang one in the master bedroom or hang a group of empire chandeliers in the lobby of a restaurant or hotel. It will add vintage charm and lighting to your space. Either way, this chandelier will hold it’s own just like the island of Ibiza. Did you know that it snows only once every ten years in Ibiza. Get me on the next flight.

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ibiza empire chandelier
Just like the island Ibiza
ibiza empire chandelier
These empire chandeliers can stand on their own
ibiza empire chandelier
Built with an industrial iron frame
ibiza empire chandelier
Draped in white linen